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Marijuana / Cannabis Test Kits

The Cannabis Test Kit (CTK) is similar to the NTK in that it is a single-use, simple to use spot test. The CTK is provided as a paper strip with dry reagent test zones applied to the strip surface. A cotton swab is also provided for suspect residue transfer to the paper strip test zone for analysis. Positive indication is rapid, if not instant, taking less than 2 seconds. If no positive color indication has been observed after 10 seconds, the suspect residue is unlikely to contain detectable cannabis material.

The CTK test is capable of detecting:

  • All active cannabis plant residue (e.g., leaves, stems, fruiting bodies)
  • Cannabis extracts (oils, resins, and plant extract)
  • Cannabis extracts within consumables, including confectionary and food products (edibles)
Compounds including, but not limited to, cannabidiol, cannabichromene, THC, and cannabinoid

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