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Narcotics Test Kits

ANSERA ANALYTICS offers a compact, comprehensive, and affordable Narcotics Test Kit (NTK) and Marijuana/Cannabis Test Kit (CTK) for use in accurately identifying multiple Drugs of Abuse. These Test Kits are changing the way field testing is done for suspicious substances.

The NTK and CTK address the increasing numbers of suspicious Drugs of Abuse shipments encountered at entry points, clandestine laboratory manufacture, illegal use, and negative social impact with a rapid, simple, and reliable technology designed for presumptive identification of Drugs of Abuse by first responders and frontline personnel. The test kits:

  • Accurately identify multiple Drugs of Abuse
  • Reduce manual handling, with no exposure to hazardous chemicals or other dangerous materials
  • Being paper-based, waste during manufacture is dramatically reduced and disposal is simplified
  • Test strips are 100% paper recyclable
Kits have a shelf life of 2+ years

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