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PRO-Clean Protein Residue Test

PRO-Clean Protein Residue Test

$ 255.00

PRO-Clean quickly and accurately detects the presence of protein and suspicious powders. Simply swab a surface, release the agent, and if protein is present in the powder sample, the reagent will turn purple. The more protein present, the quicker and darker the color change to purple. PRO-Check quickly detects the presence of a protein, indicating the need for additional diagnostic testing.


  • Results in 1-10 minutes
  • Easy-to-interpret color change – no instrumentation required
  • Unique liquid stable chemistry produces consistent results
  • Pre-moistened swab provides reliable collection, recovery, and detection to ensure consistent results
  • Low carbon footprint devices are 100% recyclable
  • 18-month shelf life at room or refrigerated temperatures (2-25°C)